WordPress Services


Hosting WordPress websites

We mostly host WordPress sites and the occasional custom built site. Our plans have generous features, disk space, RAM, and CPU allowance. We are confident that our offering is better than all the mainstream hosting companies in New Zealand.

Protecting WordPress sites from hackers and spam bots

Because we are WordPress professionals, we know how to protect WordPress sites from hackers and viruses. Our WordPress Update Plan is like having your own web developer looking after your site, but at a fraction of the price. See our WordPress Hosting plans to learn more.

WordPress site updates, maintenance, and backups

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the Web. It’s ease of use, updates, and myriad of plugins and code make it the no1 choice for web developers. The downside to this great ecosystem is you need to manage these security and feature updates yourself. Even worse, updates can break your site and once that happens, most clients are at a loss when it comes to fixing the site. Our WordPress Update Plan takes care of all this for you. We backup your site before the updates, perform the updates, test your site after the updates, and create a new backup if the site is running as it should. On the occasion that the site breaks, we restore your site, find the problem, perform backups that don’t break the site, then inform you of what to do about the code that can’t be updated. Most of the time, we can offer a new solution to get your site up to date again. This service is part of our WordPress Update Plan.

Removal of viruses on servers and infected WordPress sites

If your site is hosted elsewhere and has been hacked with malicious code placed on your server, in most cases we can identify and remove this code and install a firewall.

Innovative WordPress development. Includes new WordPress sites & makeovers

We design and build WordPress websites for all kinds of customers. We also work with a number of New Zealand based partners who design websites.

SEO improvements for WordPress sites

We can improve your website’s SEO dramatically. Our solutions include a plugin that guides you into writing the best web pages for search engines like Google. If you get a green light, it means the page is Web and SEO friendly. A red light means the page needs to improve, but we tell you what it is you need to do until. You will be guided through a process till the page gets a green light.

Speed and performance improvements for WordPress sites

WordPress sites can be resource hungry. We offer cache plugins that will speed up your site dramatically and put less resources on your web server. While this is standard with our Web host plans, we can apply this technology to your site if it is hosted elsewhere. We can also offer a secure certificate for your site too.

Conversion of old forum platforms to WordPress & BBPress forum

There are many forum platforms out there. Some are very old dating back to the 1990s. Rather than lose all your forum posts because you want to host on WordPress with BBPress, we can convert your old forum across to the new WordPress platform.

Social media campaigns & advertising

We specialise in social media campaigns and advertising. We can assist in Facebook marketing and ads, as well as Google Ads.

Monetization of rich content websites

If you have a website with rich content, perhaps you want to monetise that content. We can assist you in getting ads on your website where you are paid monthly for every ad that is legitimately clicked.


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