WordPress Hosting

We have two hosting packages for WordPress sites. Both offer generous server resources to ensure your site is fast and reliable. Our premium Update Plan also offers ongoing WordPress updates and 24 hours a day firewall security.

If you are comfortable with maintaining WordPress updates yourself and only want to have your site hosted on the server with emails, then our ‘Standard Hosting Plan’ is for you. However, if you prefer for us to fully manage your WordPress website, then our ‘WordPress Update Plan’ is the one you want. It includes the same server resources as our standard plan, but we update all WordPress files and plugins for you when required. This means your site is always up to date. Instead of paying a web developer many hours of work per month to keep your site files updated and secure, this hosting package takes care of this burdensome task for you. It’s like having your own webmaster managing your site, so you can forget about doing the updates yourself and the risks they impose, and instead focus on updating your site’s content instead. Details of our plans are below:

Standard Hosting Plan (NZ $199/year)

Small to medium sized businesses or personal sites with higher traffic. Includes multiple email accounts. Price is on a per year basis only.

  • 5GB disk space to start with & up to 10GB if required;
  • Up to 99 Mailboxes;
  • 50GB Monthly Web Traffic;
  • 99 Subdomains;
  • 99 Parked Domains;
  • 99 FTP Accounts;
  • 10 Addon Domains;
  • 10 MySQL Databases;
  • Up to 80 FREE Apps.

WordPress Managed Services (NZ $300/month)

Includes all the features from our Standard Hosting Plan, plus WordPress website files & plugin updates when required. Additionally, you get a firewall for protection against unlawful site login attempts . Price is per month & you can turn off this service & revert to the Standard Plan anytime. There is a 10% discount if you pay annually.

  • The same features as the Standard Hosting package; plus:
  • Updates for WordPress core & plugins when required;
  • Site backups before & after all performed updates;
  • Wordfence firewall to protect site from hackers & bots;
  • Monthly virus scan of your server;
  • Monthly report on updates & halted hacking attempts;

Why do you need WordPress Managed Services?

WordPress Managed Services is like having your own inhouse web developer looking after your site and keeping it up to date, but at a fraction of the price. Websites need regular maintenance to run at their best and to be secure. A bit like your car, websites will gradually stop working properly if not maintained.

Website falls out of sync

The WordPress version your site is running will get old and fall out of sync with updated specs in PHP code and server software and hardware. WordPress core files are continually evolving to work and allow more features, as well as stop newly discovered exploits. This will eventually mean that plugins on your site will eventually fall behind the latest WordPress core in speed and security and so plugin authors also release updates to their plugins to match the WordPress core, (the Content Management System). When things fall out of sync, plugins can stop working or interfere with other plugins. The result is features on your site may stop working and in a worse case scenario the site stops working altogether.

Security vulnerabilities

If you leave your website as it is and do not take advantage of the plugin updates, your site will either fall out of sync with the automated WordPress updates allowing hackers to take advantage of security vulnerabilities that are newly discovered and published widely among the hacking community. They exploit older WordPress versions if you are not getting automatic updates and are constantly on the prowl for lists of old websites that have not been updated. They have special software that hack thousands even millions of websites at one time, so they do not even need to visit your site.

Being up to date is exactly like the difference between having your virus scanner up to date or using an old version. The latest virus signatures allows you to combat newly written viruses, similarly keeping your site up to date protects you from hackers gaining entry to your site and server from newly discovered vulnerabilities. Once a hacker gains entry through an exploit, they can put a virus or spyware on your website without you noticing it. This can seriously harm the reputation of your site in Google’s search index. They can also take your site offline, delete it completely, or put up their own content such as a political message or links to other sites.

Code errors

Programmers are human and their code is not always the most efficient or written robustly at first. Sometimes a feature may not work under certain circumstances or in conjunction with other plugins or situations. Authors are made aware of these imperfections by web developers over time and they make updates to their code to fix them and provide them as updates.

New features

New features are also added in by plugin authors. These are often requested by web programmers who say it would be great if WordPress or plugins had this or that feature or ability.


Maintenance only requires a few hours work per month by an IT professional. A small cost for the huge benefit. Otherwise delayed fix-ups can take many hours to fix as problems become a needle among a haystack. It can also result in having to check every part of the server for files that contain malicious code placed by a hacker. Bear in mind that there are many thousands of files in an average WordPress site.

Monthly Service List

Updates are performed when required, usually multiple times each week. Updates for the WordPress core and the plugins. This keeps your site up to date leading to improved and new features, speed improvements, and tighter security;

  • Site backups of all files and the database before & after all performed updates;
  • Wordfence firewall to protect site from hackers & bots;
  • Monthly virus scan of your server;
  • Monthly report on all site updates. Includes a list and details of any halted hacking attempts;
  • Optional Google Analytics report if we are given permanent access to the Google Analytics Account.