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Boots 4 Africa

Boots 4 Africa is a spin-off site from the Best Footballers site. We received a request for second-hand boots through Facebook from a team in Africa who play in their bare feet. We decided to set up this site to facilitate teams in Africa with sponsors around the world who are willing to buy second-hand football boots and send them to their sponsored team.

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Quantum Grid

Quantum Grid is community site dedicated to physics, quantum physics, math, and the theory of everything – a yet to be discovered theory that unifies relativity with quantum. The site is open to membership where users can contribute their ideas on what reality is in scientific terms.

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Geographic Media

Geographic Media is a content site containing free photos, videos, and maps from around the world. The content is geographic in nature with photos from countries as diverse as Colombia and New Zealand. All content can be used on other sites and school projects.

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Virtual Oceania

Virtual Oceania is a popular site with around 40 million page views to date. The site is mostly visited by North Americans, Australians, and New Zealanders. It has travel and geographic related information, as well as thousands of photos from around the South Pacific.

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